Goat Lake Krista and Dad

On September 16th, 2000, Krista and Dad hiked up to Goat Lake.
It was 12 miles round trip and Krista's first long hike.
Memories were made that day!

On the way up we saw the famous, natural landmark - The Bowlegged Cowboy.

You must look closely to see it  

Two proud (and tired) hikers at the top.  

It was a good day. Dad had just taken a swim, brrrrrrr 

Can't believe I fell for the old bunny ears trick - DOH! 

My friend Doug and his son, Andrew and Krista.  

Another one of the Doug, Krista and Andrew.  

The autumn colors had begun. Love those aspens!  

This isn't really at Goat Lake. It is near Crouch, Idaho.

Nice place though. Don't you think?